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Powder Cord Pouches, HotBuns Ski Wear and Buckletite Boot Levers comprise a small, independent company located in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. Our sole mission is to provide unique, high-quality gear for snow enthusiasts around the world. To that end, we carefully research and develop our products, using on-shore manufacturers and long-lasting, durable materials. (We also carry a few items that we do not make ourselves but which meet our quality standards.) We use the minimum of packaging that will get you your stuff quickly and in perfect condition. We hope your purchase enhances your outdoor adventures and we invite your comments and suggestions. We don’t share your contact information with anyone, ever. Period. We don’t Tweet or send Instagrams and you can’t follow us on Facebook. Now, get off your computer and go outside and play. And thank you for your support.

Here you will find our durable Powder Cords (also known as ski leashes) and Powder Cord Pouches, the unique way to use powder cords for taming wayward skis. You will also find our newest products, HotBuns Butt Warmers, DeBooter, Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers, Boot Horns, and SeeBlade Goggle Wipers.

Our HotBuns Butt Warmers are the answer to wet chairlift seats, stadium seats, snowmobile seats, and more. Say good bye to swamp ass and hello to HotBuns Butt Warmers.

Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers, make buckling and unbuckling your boots a cinch. You can also carry your boots and scrape the snow off the soles before you click in.

We are happy to carry SeeBlades, the best goggle squeegee we have seen anywhere. SeeBlades are made from Santoprene, a synthetic rubber that will stay pliable at any temperature, will NOT scratch your lenses and are curved to fit the new spherical shapes .

Our latest product is the handy Boot Horn which makes putting on ski boots a breeze and the DeBooter, which makes taking them off equally easy.

We are a small company located in Eugene, Oregon, (where most of our products are made), but we serve a world-wide community of enthusiastic skiers. We have sold Powder Cord Pouches, HotBuns Butt Warmers, Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers, SeeBlades, Boot Horns and DeBooters to skiers in almost every US state as well as Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

If you’ve arrived at this site, you have either lost a ski in deep powder or ridden a wet chairlift, right? Or maybe you’re tired of struggling to get your boots tight enough or smudging your wet goggles with your glove. Well, have we got answers for you! Check out our products, all designed to make the sport we love even more enjoyable.

Finally, before you leave the site, take a look at the Ski Area Trail Maps page. If your ski area isn't listed yet, send me a hard-copy trail map via snail mail and I'll add it to the page. If you ski away from home, please send me those maps, too. Thanks, and THINK SNOW!

Powder Cord Pouches & Powder Cords are, or should be, an essential part of your ski gear. Our powder cords are the best on the market and our powder cord pouches make using them convenient and hassle-free. They are manufactured in the U.S.A. with durable materials and are fully guaranteed. See the FAQ section for specifics. Powder Cord Pouches are such a great idea, you’ll wonder why nobody thought of them before.

HotBuns Butt Warmers are designed to keep your posterior warm and dry when you are sitting on a wet chairlift, snow mobile, stadium seat, fishing boat seat, or any other damp surface. HotBuns Butt Warmers are our answer to swamp ass. HotBuns Butt Warmers are made in the U.S.A. from high-quality 3mm neoprene and come in three sizes. They are carefully-made in America from quality materials and are fully guaranteed. Again, check out the FAQ section for details.

Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers make tightening your boot buckles a cinch. This nifty little device, made in the U.S.A., doubles as a boot carrier and is also handy for scraping the snow off your soles before you click in. Its small enough to fit in your pocket. At only ten bucks, a Buckletite Boot Buckle Lever is cheap enough to leave you cash for lunch. Get Boot Buckle Levers for your spouse and ski buddies, too, and you’ll be a hero.

A SeeBlade is yet another gizmo intended to make skiing more fun. And that's what it’s all about, right? Simply wrap the Velcro band around your finger or thumb and you’ve got an instant squeegee for wet goggles.

The Boot Horn makes putting on ski boots & snowboard boots easier. The Boot Horn also protects your hands while inserting your liners after removing them to dry overnight, and installing insoles or custom boot fittings. The DeBooter will help you take off your boots after a day of skiing.

We’ve taken great care and time researching and developing all our products. They are carefully-made from quality materials and are fully guaranteed. We don’t like cheap junk that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do when and where it’s supposed to do it any more than you do. We stand behind our products. Click on the WARRANTY tab on the home page for details or look in the FAQ sections.

Finally, a note about shipping. We ship all domestic orders via USPS Priority Mail because it is dependable, trackable, and guaranteed. (International orders ship USPS First Class.) Sure, Priority Mail is a little more expensive, but if you order more than one item, we are usually able to consolidate your order and will cheerfully refund any excess shipping fees to your account.

If you have any question about anything we sell and you can’t find an answer here, please contact us via e-mail or at our physical address in Eugene Oregon located at the bottom of every page. Welcome to Powder Cord Pouches!

>>>NO SKI BUNNIES were harmed in the development of any of our products!<<<