• BUCKLETITE Boot Buckle Levers - buckletite
  • BUCKLETITE Boot Buckle Levers - buckletite
  • BUCKLETITE Boot Buckle Levers - buckletite
  • BUCKLETITE Boot Buckle Levers - buckletite
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    Are you tired of struggling to close your boot buckles? Once they’re snug, are you reluctant to loosen them up at lunch or on the chairlift? Do you hesitate at the top of a mogul hill or the edge of an untracked powder tree run because your boots just aren’t tight enough for precise turns? For ten bucks the answer can be in the palm of your hand.

    BUCKLETITE boot buckle levers make buckling your boots a cinch. Now you can easily crank down your buckles for maximum control and loosen them up when your feet need a break.

    BUCKLETITE levers are designed to fit ANY size or shape of buckle on ANY ski boot, old or new.
    BUCKLETITE levers are made of Prolon, a tough, 33% fiberglass-impregnated nylon and are guaranteed for life.
    BUCKLETITE levers are hefty enough to get the job done but small enough to slip in your pocket.
    • Your BUCKLETITE lever doubles as a snow scraper for your boots and triples as a boot carrier.
    BUCKLETITE levers are orange or green (your choice) so they are easy to find in your kit or in the snow.
    BUCKLETITE levers make thoughtful gifts for your ski buddies who think they already have everything.

    Add a SEEBLADE goggle wiper, BOOT HORN or a BUCKLETITE boot buckle lever (or both!) to your regular order for PowderCordPouches pouch & cords or HotBunsSkiWear butt warmers and pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING (for Domestic shipping only).

    Order five or more SEEBLADE goggle wipers, BOOT HORN or BUCKLETITE boot buckle levers (mix and match) and pay NO SHIPPING AT ALL (for Domestic shipping only), so order some for yourself and extras for your buddies (so they don’t steal yours).

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Wow! I can do it myself now.

    There were often times when my boots just didn't feel tight enough, but I was unable to make them tighter on my own. With this wonderful leverage device, I'm good to go! So excited! This works on any size buckle as well. My previous one would not work on new boots.