FAQs about Buckletite Boot Buckle Lever

What is a Buckletite boot buckle lever?

A Buckletite boot buckle lever is a handy tool that makes clasping and unclasping your buckles a cinch. For most skiers, the lower buckles, the ones you push down on, are easy. It's the side buckles that are awkward. A Buckletite lever makes tightening these easy.

I have a new pair of ski boots with oversize buckles. Will a Buckletite fit them?
Yes. The Buckletite lever has jaws at each end and is designed to fit almost any size buckle currently on the market. Does not fit Lange XT Series with Secure Profile buckles.

What's the string and slide for?
A Buckletite lever can be used to carry your boots. It is also handy for scraping the snow off your soles before you click in.

Do Buckletite levers come in more than one color?

Yes. You can choose GREEN or ORANGE.

How big are Buckletite levers?
They're only 5" long, so they will slip into any pocket.

Can I use a Buckletite lever to open a bottle?

We don't recommend using a Buckletite lever as a bottle opener. The sharp edge of a bottle cap can mar the lever. If you're desperate and your teeth are your only other option, though, go for it.

How durable are Buckletite levers and are they guaranteed not to break?
Buckletite levers are injection-molded from Prolon, a very strong nylon impregnated with 33% fiberglass. They are insensitive to sub-freezing temperatures. And yes, they are guaranteed for life. Send us a photo of your broken Buckletite lever and we'll send you a new one. (We haven't seen a broken one yet.)

What about shipping?

Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. International orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail.

Ten bucks sounds fair, but with shipping they seem a bit spendy.
Yes, we know. This will help:

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OK, I want one. How do I order a Buckletite lever?

Easy! Just click on the product, select your color, and place your order.