FAQs about HotBuns

What are HotBuns Butt Warmers?

A HotBuns Butt Warmer is a neoprene seat pad designed to keep your posterior warm and dry on wet chairlifts (or any other wet surface you sit on).

Why do I need HotBuns?
If you have ever skied in marginal days and suffered from ‘swamp ass’, then you'll appreciate HotBuns Butt Warmers. They are also great for stadium-seating at rainy football games, drift boat fishing, snowmobile or ATV riding in damp conditions, or any other activity where you will be sitting on a wet surface.

How do I use HotBuns?
HotBuns Butt Warmers buckle around your waist and thighs. Typically, HotBuns Butt Warmers are worn as your final layer, although you can also wear them inside your outer layer.

Do HotBuns Butt Warmers come in different sizes?
Yes. SMALL HotBuns (12.5” wide by 16.5” long), MEDIUM HotBuns (14.5" wide X 20" long), LARGE HotBuns (17” wide by 23.5” long). Since they cover just your posterior, they are not measured by inseam or waist size. Remember, HotBuns Butt Warmers are usually worn as your final layer.

I'm not sure what size HotBuns I should order.
Using the dimensions listed above, cut patterns out of newspaper. Put on everything you might possibly wear skiing in foul weather and sit on the patterns on a bench. That'll tell you which size to order. Remember, they don't have to wrap around you, only insulate your buns from the seat.

What are HotBuns Butt Warmers made of?
The pad is die cut from 3mm nylon-backed Neoprene. The waist belt is 1.5” Polypropylene webbing, the thigh straps are 1” polypropylene webbing and the buckles are nylon. This is the same webbing and hardware you have in your backpack, fanny pack, Powder Cord Pouches, etc. There is no Velcro involved. HotBuns Butt Warmers are made in Eugene, Oregon.

What if I need to wash my HotBuns Butt Warmers?
Wash your HotBuns Butt Warmers in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze as much water as you can (DO NOT WRING) with a dry towel. Air dry.

Won’t I look goofy wearing HotBuns Butt Warmers?
The choice is yours; cold and wet or warm and dry. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

Are HotBuns Butt Warmers guaranteed?
HotBuns Butt Warmers are guaranteed against reasonable wear and tear. We can’t guarantee against obvious abuse or misuse. Use your best ethical judgment: If you believe our product has failed through no fault of your own, either return the Hot Buns Butt Warmers to us or take a photograph of the damage and e-mail it to us and we'll repair or replace them free.

What about shipping?
Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. International orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail. Note: Ordering several items usually results in combined packaging and reduced shipping costs. Any excess shipping charges will be cheerfully refunded to your account.

OK, you sold me. How do I order HotBuns Butt Warmers?
Easy! Just click on the Buy button, select your size (see sizing above), and place your order. We currently accept PayPal. Don't have PayPal? You can order directly over the phone using VISA or MasterCard. Our number is 541-729-2251. Pacific Standard Time.

I love my HotBuns but I have a couple of questions:

The webbing belts are too long and flap around in the wind.
You can cut the webbing to desired length. Wear your thickest clothing so you don't cut too short. Singe the edge with a match or lighter. Do this outside or in a well-ventilated room. Be sure to leave enough for when you have nachos and beer for lunch!

My Butt Warmer feels baggy.
You can shorten it by 'rolling' the belt once or twice before you buckle it.

Check out our other products; the more stuff you order, the cheaper the shipping. The details are on the SHIPPING INFORMATION page.