FAQs about SeeBlades

What are SeeBlades?
A SeeBlade is a squeegee for keeping your goggles clear and your vision sharp in inclement weather.

What are SeeBlades made of? Won't they scratch my lenses?
are made from SANTOPRENE, a synthetic rubber that will NOT scratch your lenses and WILL stay pliable at any temperature.

How do I use a SeeBlade?
have a Velcro strap that will fit around any size thumb or finger, with or without a glove. It won't tangle with your pole strap.

I have new goggles with spherical lenses. Can I use a SeeBlade on them?
Absolutely. A SeeBlade edge is curved to fit the new lenses perfectly. SeeBlades are pliable enough to work well on older, flat lenses as well.

OK, I'm ready to order. How do I do it?
Just click on the product and place your order.

What about shipping?
Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. International orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail.

Free Shipping Options

Add a SeeBlade Goggle Wiper, Buckletite Boot Lever or a Boot Horn (or all three!) to your regular order for a DeBooter, Powder Cord Pouches pouch and cords or HotBuns Butt Warmers and pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING. (Domestic shipping only.) Order five or more SeeBlade Goggle Wipers, Buckletite Boot Levers or Boot Horns (mix or match) and pay NO SHIPPING AT ALL. (Domestic shipping only.) So order some for yourself and extras for your buddies (so they don't steal yours).