Making skiing easier

Our rugged Powder Cord Pouches and Powder Cords are made in Eugene, Oregon, with top quality materials by people who know outdoor sports and hate flimsy junk that doesn't work or breaks down. The fabric is Top Gun marine awning fabric. The straps are HW Polypropylene webbing. The cords are LW Polypropylene webbing. All the hardware is nylon.

Unlike lost skis, Powder Cord Pouches and Powder Cords are fully guaranteed AND have a Life Time Warranty. Click on the WARRANTY tab under INFORMATION for details.


Our durable HotBuns Butt Warmers are made in Eugene Oregon from 3mm nylon-backed neoprene, HW Polypropylene webbing and nylon buckles. You will find them a useful addition to your gear kit not only for riding on wet chairlifts, but other situations where you will be sitting on a wet surface, such as stadiums, boats, etc. Say good bye to swamp ass and hello to HotBuns Butt Warmers!

HotBuns Butt Warmers now come in three sizes; see FAQ for dimensions.

HotBuns Butt Warmers are guaranteed not to fail under normal use. Click on the WARRANTY tab under INFORMATION for details.


Our Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers are made in Vancouver, Washington, from PROLON, a tough, 33% fiberglass-impregnated nylon and come in two colors. They are designed to fit any size or shape of ski boot buckles. As a bonus, you can use your Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers to carry your boots and scrape the snow off the soles before you click in. Buckletite Boot Buckle Levers are guaranteed for life.


Although SeeBlades are not our product, we carry them on our website. These durable squeegees keep you seeing clearly in inclement weather. They are made from Santoprene, a synthetic rubber that will NOT scratch your lenses and WILL stay pliable in cold weather. SeeBlades have a curved edge that fits the new spherical lenses. The Velcro strap will fit any size thumb or finger, with or without a glove.

Boot Horns

Boot Horns make sliding your liner into your boot and your foot into your liner much easier than you ever thought possible.


DeBooter make removing your boots easy without bending over. Indispensable after a long day on the slopes.

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