What Powder Cord attachment method is best for me?

The easiest way, but the weakest, is to simply clip the swivel hooks to the outside brakes of your skis. (See photo.) We don’t like this way because swivel hooks, although strong, can break. We include L & R stickers in every order.
A better method is to drill a ¼” hole through the back of the binding, attach a 1" split ring, and clip the swivel hook to the ring. (See photo.) You can do this yourself. (We supply rings with our powder cords.) Leave the ring in the binding permanently and attach your powder cord when you need it.
A third option for attaching your cords to your skis may be to loop zippy ties through the bindings or brakes. Be sure to attach these to the OUTSIDE of each ski. This is your best option if you are using rental skis. Zippy ties and L and R stickers are included with your order.