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Boot Horn boot horn, ski boot, help put on boot, oversize shoe horn, shoe horn
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    The BOOT HORN is a shoe horn in steroids. It makes sliding your liners into your shells easy. (You are taking your liners out to dry every so often, aren’t you?) The BOOT HORN also helps you slide your foot into your boot. It is lightweight and flexible so you can store it flat or rolled up. (Add a BOOT HORN or two to your PowderCordPouch or HotBuns Butt Warmer order and pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING. (Domestic orders only.) Special mix-and-match deal: Order any five items of your choice – BOOT...

    BUCKLETITE Boot Buckle Levers Ski Boot Buckle Lever, Buckle Lever, Ski, Latch, Unlatch, Boot Buckle
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      Are you tired of struggling to close your boot buckles? Once they’re snug, are you reluctant to loosen them up at lunch or on the chairlift? Do you hesitate at the top of a mogul hill or the edge of an untracked powder tree run because your boots just aren’t tight enough for precise turns? For ten bucks the answer can be in the palm of your hand. BUCKLETITE boot buckle levers make buckling your boots a cinch. Now you can easily crank down your buckles for maximum control and loosen them up...

      Seeblade Goggle Lens Wiper Seeblade, Goggle, Wiper, Squeegee, Snow, Water, Wiping, Ski, PowderCordPouch
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        Did you just spend big bucks on new spherical-lens goggles? Are you scratching your lenses by scraping them with your grimy glove or some hard-edged scraper? Does your lens look like your windshield on a bad day? You need a SEEBLADE goggle wiper. These nifty gizmos are the answer. • SEEBLADES are made from Santoprene, a synthetic rubber that will NOT scratch your lenses and WILL stay pliable at any temperature. • The new model SEEBLADE has a curved edge that fits the new spherical lenses...

        Silipint Drinker Silipint, silicone cup, drinker, ski
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          NEW ITEM! Microwave, dishwasher, oven proof food-grade silicone. Included FREE with DOMESTIC orders of $100.00 or more. The SILIPINT drinker is perfect for that après ski drink in the hot tub or anyplace else where you don’t want broken glass. Made of high-quality oven-proof, microwave-proof, dishwasher-proof food-grade silicone. Features the phrase “WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER, I’LL SKI THERE TOO!” on one side and our three logos on the other. Includes an informative flyer from the manufacturer. ...