• Boot Horn - BH1
  • Boot Horn - BH1
  • Boot Horn - BH1
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    Do you cuss and struggle with your ski boots in the morning? Using a Boot Horn makes putting on your ski boots a snap. Same goes for fitting your liners back into your shells (You are taking the liners out to dry once in a while, aren’t you?) The Boot Horn makes this chore much easier. Simply slip this piece of essential ski gear into your boot shell and the liner will slide right in.

    The Boot Horn is flexible plastic so you can store it flat or rolled up. This handy tool is not just for ski boots; use it for work boots, cowboy boots, any other boots you wear as well. Think of it as a shoe horn on steroids.

    Boot Horns make thoughtful gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers, pun intended. (Order five or more Boot Horns and get FREE SHIPPING; check the shipping page for details.) Add a Boot Horn to a DeBooter order and pay no additional shipping.

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