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HOTBUNS Butt Warmer for Ski Patrol HOTBUNS, Hot Buns, Butt Warmers, wet chairlift, wet seat, swamp ass, butt pad, wet butt, neoprene pad
Price: $62.00
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    Hello Ski Patrollers. As many of you already know, HotBunsSkiWear offers you a 20% discount as a small thank you for all you do. Now there is a new version of our popular butt warmer just for Patrollers. It features the Ski Patrol white cross (where you can write your name) and red webbing. The price is reflects your 20% discount from the regular retail price of HotBuns. Please take a picture of your NSP card and email it to when you order. HotBuns Butt Warmers are...

    Powder Cord Pouches w/ Powder Cords (pair) for Ski Patrol PowderCordPouch, Powder Cord, Pouch, Ski, Powder Strap, Ski Leash, Runaway Ski, Lost Ski
    Price: $36.00
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    Item #: pcpw-pc-sp -

      This is our version of Powder Cord Pouches and Powder Cord Ski Leashes for Ski Patrols. Red ski leashes and the Ski Patrol logo on the Pouches. The Ski Patrol discount is already included in the price for this item.Powder Cord Pouches are made from black Top Gun marine awning fabric. The straps are made from heavy duty polypropylene webbing in a bright red color. Tri-glides and side release buckles are nylon. Powder Cord Pouches are one size fits all and come with a life time warranty. Each...

      Hot Buns Strap Extenders for Waist and Thigh (Ski Patrol Edition)
      Price: $13.00
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      Item #: EX-SP -

        Ski Patroller edition: To accommodate larger skiers and anyone else who wants to really layer up for cold weather, we now offer Hot Buns Strap Extenders for Waist and Thigh. These work just like the ones on airplanes. Extenders add 12” to the waist belt and 6” to the thigh straps. They are made by the same folks who make the HotBuns so they are a perfect fit. They come in RED for Ski Patrollers and BLACK for the rest of us. Hot Buns Strap Extenders for Waist and Thigh are low priced and you...

        Hot tip supplied by a Ski Patroller

        For additional knee support during a rescue,
        unbuckle your thigh straps, rotate HotBuns to
        your front side and rebuckle. Voila! Knee Pads!