Step by step instructions on how to use your PowderCordPouches.

A visual step by step instruction on using your PowderCordPouch.

Step 1:

Determine how you are going to attach your powder cords to your skis. See Attachment Methods.

Stuff (don't roll!) your cords into your Powder Cord Pouches, knotted end first.

Step 2:

Leave the swivel hook end with 6" to 8" of cord hanging out and close the Velcro.

Step 3:

Attach the swivel hook to your binding.

Step 4:

Lay the Powder Cord Pouch across the back of your ski with the straps extended.

Step 5:

Click into your binding.

Step 6:

Adjust the length of the strap as needed and clip the buckle around your leg/boot.

Step 7:

Center the Powder Cord Pouch at the back of your leg.

Repeat for the other ski!