• Seeblade Ski Goggle Wiper - seeblade
  • Seeblade Ski Goggle Wiper - seeblade
  • Seeblade Ski Goggle Wiper - seeblade
  • Seeblade Ski Goggle Wiper - seeblade
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    Did you just spend big bucks on new spherical-lens ski goggles? You need a SEEBLADE Ski Goggle Wiper. Are you scratching your lenses by scraping them with your crusty glove or some hard-edged scraper? Does your lens look like your windshield on a bad day? These nifty finger squeegees are the answer.

    Our ski goggle wipers are made from Santoprene, a synthetic rubber that will NOT scratch your lenses and WILL stay pliable at any temperature. The new model SEEBLADE has a curved edge that fits the new spherical lenses perfectly, but is still soft enough to be effective on older, flat-pane lenses. The new, wider Velcro strap on the SEEBLADE will fit any size thumb or finger, with or without a glove. The SeeBlade comes with a sew-on belt loop to prevent loss when you take your gloves off. See photo.

    SEEBLADES are bright orange so you can find them in your kit or in the snow.

    SEEBLADE Goggle Wipers are also handy for snowmobiling, motorcycle riding, or anywhere else you wear goggles.

    Sure, ten bucks may seem like a lot to spend on a finger squeegee goggle wiper, but check out the price ($60 or more) for a new spherical lens to replace a scratched up one. Take care of your investment; don’t swipe your goggles with a cheap scraper or a dirty glove. Make a SEEBLADE Goggle Wiper a part of your essential ski gear.

    Our ski goggle wipers make thoughtful gifts (or Christmas stocking stuffers) for your ski buddies who think they already have every great ski accessory there is. (Order five or more SEEBLADEs and get FREE SHIPPING; check the shipping page for details.)

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