BUCKLETITE Ski Boot Buckle Levers Ski Boot Buckle Lever, Buckle Lever, Ski, Latch, Unlatch, Boot Buckle

BUCKLETITE Ski Boot Buckle Levers (buckletite)

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Do you have difficulty buckling your ski boots? Our BUCKLETITE Ski Boot Buckle Lever makes latching your boot buckles a cinch. If you hesitate at the top of a mogul hill, the starting gate of a slalom course or the edge of an untracked powder tree...
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Wow! I can do it myself now.

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There were often times when my boots just didn't feel tight enough, but I was unable to make them tighter on my own. With this wonderful leverage device, I'm good to go! So excited! This works on any size buckle as well. My previous one would not work on new boots.

Reviews 1-1 of 1