• HOTBUNS Butt Warmer - hotbuns
  • HOTBUNS Butt Warmer - hotbuns
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    Finally, there is a solution to the uncomfortable and annoying problem of ‘swamp ass’, the damp, chilly result of riding on wet chairlifts: HOTBUNS Butt Warmers.

    Just buckle on your HOTBUNS Butt Warmer as your outermost layer and ski or ride with a dryer, warmer posterior. (You can also wear HOTBUNS Butt Warmers inside your outer layer.)

    Butt Warmers are made of 3mm neoprene and the same heavy-duty webbing and industry-standard hardware you already depend on with your backpack, fanny pack, PowderCordPouches, and other active gear. A HOTBUNS Butt Warmer will provide you with years of comfort in inclement weather.

    Butt Warmers are available in three sizes: Small (12.5" wide X 16.5" long), Medium (14.5” wide X 20” long) and Large (17” wide X 23.5” long)

    Butt Warmers are not just for skiers and snowboarders; use them for sporting events, fishing trips, or any time you might have to sit on a wet surface to keep your buns warm and dry.

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    South Australia

    Thank god for Hot Buns!

    Hot Buns is a lifesaver! My girlfriends butt gets so cold in winter & eminates such a chill its like a receding Icelandic glacier!
    Now, with the Hot Buns Butt Warmer we can cosy up all Winter & keep our soup warm at the same time! 👍