• HOTBUNS Butt Warmer - hotbuns
  • HOTBUNS Butt Warmer - hotbuns
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    Do you suffer from swamp ass when you ski or ride on a slushy day? A Hot Buns Butt Warmer is the perfect way to keep your fanny dry and warm anytime you have to sit on a cold, damp snowy surface. We designed our ski butt warmers primarily for skiers and snowboarders who frequently sit on wet chairlifts or squat in the snow.

    However, you will love having a butt warmer whenever you enjoy outdoor sporting events (wet bleachers), boating (soggy fishing boat seats), snowmobiling (dashing through the slush). A Hot Buns Butt Warmer makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to play or has to work in inclement weather.

    Our ski butt warmers have proven to be especially popular with Ski Patrollers, who qualify for a professional discount. (Ski industry professionals please see about your discount on butt warmers and our other essential ski gear items.)

    Hot Buns Butt Warmers are made in the U.S.A. of 3mm Neoprene, gusseted at the crotch to prevent stress tearing and darted at the hips to provide a comfortable fit for years of rugged use. The waist and thigh straps are made of polypropylene webbing and temperature-proof nylon hardware. We do not use hook-and-loop (Velcro) which can fail in wet/snowy conditions. Our ski butt warmers come in three sizes:

    • Small (12.5” wide X 16.5” long)
    • Medium (14.5” wide X 20” long)
    • Large (17” wide X 23.5” long)

    If you’re not sure what size butt warmer you need, cut templates out of butcher paper or newspaper. Put on everything you are likely to wear on a wet day and sit on the templates one at a time. You should see a little Neoprene along the outside edges of your ski pants. If not, try the next larger size.

    Hot Buns Butt Warmers come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

    >>>NO SKI BUNNIES were harmed in the development of any of our products!<<<

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    South Australia

    Thank god for Hot Buns!

    Hot Buns is a lifesaver! My girlfriends butt gets so cold in winter & eminates such a chill its like a receding Icelandic glacier!
    Now, with the Hot Buns Butt Warmer we can cosy up all Winter & keep our soup warm at the same time! 👍